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Harvest Fair

September 24, 2013

funny veg judging

Hi everyone

Here’s the update you’ve all been waiting for.. it’s the Harvest Fair 2013 stats!
Number of people through the gate: 259 (but the clicky counter was lost and we think it was more!)
Amount taken in total (net) : £689.68
Number of of scaletrix bikes big enough for grown ups: 0
Jars of chutney sold: 42
Harvest crowns made: 35
Requests on the human jukebox: 28
Hilarious vegetable creatures made: 45
Number of pizzas made: shed loads!
So it was an absolutely lovely day – our best event yet I think. We were up against stiff competition locally but still had a good turn out and because we didn’t have the biting, cold wind that usually marks our events lots of people stayed all day. In fact people didn’t want to leave! Sure we all missed the excitement of trying to stop gazebos blowing away but the warm breeze carried the sound of music and laughter around the garden.
 scaletrix 2
Another reason it was so lovely was we had enough volunteers so a massive and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped on the day and the support from the allotment association.  However this is the last event that we do while we have the funding helping with costs and covering my time, so if you factored in the time spent organising the fair then the hard truth is we would have only broken even and we need to keep this in mind as we make the garden financially sustainable.
 pizza oven tony
So looking forward to next year we are looking for people to join our management committee in the next few months.  People who are happy to take on the organising of events, pizza on the plot fundraising nights, do publicity, write articles, make decisions, etc. You don’t need to be someone who volunteers in the garden on Wednesdays, just someone who cares about the garden and can come to meetings one evening every 6 weeks or so.  This is the essential if the garden is going to continue to have a wide reach.  We also need money!! and we’ll have more on our “Friends of Golden Hill Scheme” scheme and Crowdfunding plans coming soon.
So for now a massive pat on the back for everyone involved in the fair and we’ll be firing up the frog tomorrow for well earned pizzas in the garden at about 1ish.  Our next Saturday open day is Saturday 5th Oct, and more info coming next week about the green roof building workshop on the 20th Oct and half term kids activities.

There’s still loads to harvest and loads to do, so hopefully see you in the garden,
P.S Also looking to the future and money making schemes – does anyone know how to make Christmas wreaths??
Lucy Mitchell

Community Project Worker
The Golden Hill Community Garden: Horfield’s Accessible Allotment and Edible Forest
07506 905 394