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Adventure, sunshine, pizza and social exclusion

July 2, 2015

Hi everyone,

Hooray for June!  Everything is growing! especially the weeds (though not the beans that seem to only be grudgingly inching up their poles whilst some have even surrendered to the slugs – cowards!).  High summer is just round so that means tomatoes and melons and tasty treats as well as our tried, tested and loved summer adventure days!

We’re calling all explorers, dare devils and dinosaur hunters! We invite you to come with us as we try and find the ancient and lost Amazonian Golden Garden to find out if the rumours are true and … DO DINOSAURS STILL ROAM THE EARTH?!? 

Adventures run 10am-4pm Tuesdays from 28th July until 25th August.  Places are limited to just 16 and are filling up fast, it’s still £25 including pizza and snacks. So please pass the message onto any 5 -12 year olds you know with a sense of adventure, big imaginations and an appetite for danger.  It’s a great chance to discover a lost cilvilisation! Be amazed by the strange creatures! Hunt for ancient treasure! and try not to get eaten by a T-Rex!

It’s also time for our seond annual Friends of the Garden pizza night. Wednesday 22nd July 6pm-7:30pm. So if you’ve got a spare £2 burning a hole in your pocket at the end of each month why not donate it to us and become a fabulous Friend of the Garden!  Get a heartfelt thanks on the website and a froggy pizza and the fuzzy feeling of joy that comes with giving. You can join up on the night but please let me know if you plan to come.

And I’m happy to annouce a new partnership with Growing Support who’ll be workiing with the us to spread the word to local older peple with dementia and older people suffering from social exclusion.  They’ll be supporting individuals to get involved and helping us to be more accessible.  This can only be a good thing and Dale is running a free training event for us in our Bale House Thursday 2nd July 6:00-8:30pm.  This is open to anyone though places are limited.  Please let me know if you’d like to come along and I’ll make everyone some tasty soup.
Also, do you remember the spring fair? hmmm? Do you remember how great it was?? Imagine how proud you’d have been if you’d helped organise it!!  Well it’s your lucky day. The wonderful events commitee is recruiting new members – minimal meetings and maximum fun! Get in touch for more details.
See you in the garden!