Welcome to Golden Hill Community Garden

 Welcome to our website!  We are a community garden in Horfield, Bristol (map here).  We are open every Wednesday 10-4 and welcome anyone and everyone to come and get involved, get growing, drink tea and share the harvest.  Our site is accessible including our toilet.

We also run a toddler group, kids’ playscheme, an afterschool club, community events, rent out raised beds to community groups and more!  Have a read of our latest news below.

See you in the garden!

Spring News from a Greening Garden!

April 8, 2019

Hi everyone!

This month is one of our busiest times in the garden. The volunteers have planted a heroic amount of seeds and they are all growing happily away in the tunnels and popping up in the soil outside.  We’re planning our usual big plant sale in May so for the next month the polytunnels will be PACKED with little plants being looked after with love before we send them off into the world.  Also in the past couple of months there has been epic clearance work done by the wonderful Wednesday volunteers.  About five years ago we were defeated by brambles and we surrended a large corner of the edible forest to them but this year it has been reclaimed, cleared and we’ve planted a little willow wood ready for winter wreaths in the future.  The clearing work also uncovered our little stream which we kind of knew was there but have mostly forgotten about but now the garden feels transformed in a subtle but exciting way…

It’s my favourite time of year as every starts turning green and we’ve got an abundance of green leaves to munch and get that green inside of us.  We’ve got spinach, chard, kale, mustards, and more coming out of our ears – it’s great! Also it was great to see the first little purple nose of asparagus poke it’s way into the world. We first planted asparagus in 2013 but were over confident and didn’t prepare the bed properly and then ignored it for the first year. It grew but never big enough for a proper harvest and despite giving it piles of manure and apologies in years to come it never bounced back and so last year we started again. This time  we prepped the bed carefully, mulched it, watered it, kept a close eye on it’s progress and it looks like it’s paid off AND we now only have to wait until NEXT spring before we can try it. It’ll be worth the wait.

It’s the Easter holidays so we’ll be busy with our holiday club on Tuesday and an adventure for a families with a child with SEN this Thursday 11th.  There’s still some spaces left on Thursday and next week and you can book HERE  and there’s more info on the website.  Then next term we’ll have our toddlers and afterschoolers back for more garden fun, singing, hooning round, planting, making and all that.  We’ve got some spots in our 11:30 Tuesday toddler group so get in touch if you’d like to come along for a free taster.


And coming up next month….. OUR BIG SPRING FAIR!  Saturday 11th May 1pm-4pm.  They’ll be loads of plants for sale, choirs singing, musician playing, pond dipping, pizza eating, face painting, junk drumming, making and crafting and caking and MORE.  AND still at 2012 prices!  It’s YOU the lovely supporters of the garden that make these events so lovely and help us raise money for the garden. So if you can help on the day or bake a cake or spread the word on facebook or just come along and bring everyone you know!  ALSO we need T-shirts!  Any size or quality for a craft we doing on the day – so if you have any spare please come and drop them off in the garden any Wednesday 10-4

And finally a massive thank you to all the good folks who pop blue tokens in the boxes at north Bristol Tescos. In Jan/Feb we had the most blue tokens we get a whopping £4000 so it means our activities for families with special educational needs or a disability will be fully funded for the year and we can get lots of lovely resources!  THANK YOU!!

See you in the garden!

Lucy Mitchell
Community Project Worker

07506 905 394
Please note I work part time usually on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays. 
We’ve got a Facebook page with lots of updates and pictures AND we’re on Twitter @ghcgarden

News from a wintery garden

March 7, 2019

Hi everyone!

It’s definitely past the time for happy new year but happy February 2019!  We’re having a great year so far. We were straight back in the garden on the 2nd Jan weeding and clearing and building and cooking and carving and painting and souping and sowing (only sweetpeas so far).  We’re still harvesting leeks, parsnips, celeriac, coriander, jerusalem artichokes, beetroots, chard and kale and the polytunnels are full of winter salads and the balehouse stacked with stored squashes,  Tasty times! The crocuses and pink noses of rhubarb pushing up through the soil all sing “Spring is coming!”.

Last month we finally made a proper start in making our new sign for the entrance and only 3 years or since the last one blew down and fell apart. This time we’re carving our name into a piece of western red hemlock, under the watchful eye of George our woodwork guru.

We also started back with our toddler groups and after school clubs.  The new Thursday group are great and totally mostly unfazed by the cold and dark!  It’s about this time we remember that the light is creeping back and the days of hooning round in a night garden playing games in the dark are numbered and precious.  Here’s pics of the tods giving the little house a fresh lick of (mud) paint and Tuesday fun with boxes


And more news!  One of FAB toddler group parents wrote a lovely article for Bristol Food Connections read it HERE.

Also if are someone or you are someone who knows someone who does their shopping at Tescos please make it known to them that the north Bristol shops are all raising money for us to be able to run our adventure days for children with SEND and their families this year.  So please put your little blue tokens in our slot!

AND this week was our 7th birthday in a few weeks so yesterday we fired up the frog for a pizzas. 7 years old! The internet says “Most 7yearolds display an unending thirst for knowledge and will have an innate curiosity and excitement about things in the world. … At this age, they also take great pride in sharing their knowledge about things” Sounds about right 🙂

Let me leave you with the knowledge that the date of our spring fair is Saturday 11th May. So pop that in your diaries/calendars/phones!

See you in the garden

07509 905 309

Wreath Making! Saturday 1st December

November 15, 2018



….and it’s still just £10!!

There’s no need to book and you are welcome to drop in throughout the day.  Making a wreath takes about an hour so please arrive by 3pm. It’s a really fun, friendly and informal session, we’ll provide willow, foliage, advice and encouragement. If you want to bring your own secateurs, gloves and pretty things winter foliage then that’s fine. You’ll weave a willow ring, decorate it and we guarantee you’ll walk away with something ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  Children are welcome and it’s a great start to the festive season!


Remember, remember the 10TH of November

November 8, 2018

Hi everyone!

Come one come all to our bonfire! THIS SATURDAY 10th November 6-7:30! The guy is built and Pete has amassed a huge pile of wood and is totally undaunted by the fact a lot of it is very soggy! There will be samosas and sausage rolls, delicious cake, posh hot chocolate with whipped cream and marsh mallows, AND hot spicy apple juice and cider to warm you even the coldest of cockles!

Our pals over at Bishop Rd will be setting off their AMAZING display at 6:45 but if the weather is fine we’ve been very busy in the past so get here early to avoid disappointment!

BUT WHAT IF THE WEATHER IS BAAAAAAAAD??? Well! The delicious samosas and whatnot are already ordered so there will folks will be here WHATEVER even it is just sheltering from the storms whilst guzzling delicious treats and setting your minds towards the colder darker days ahead of us and you’re very very welcome to grab your waterproofs and come along! Pete will get a fire going (size depending wind speed and direction!) and please come and gather, and be reminded that the warmth of community, friends and hot beverages is what has always gotten us through the winter!

No sparklers! Thanks!

See you in the garden!*


*Due to a diary mishap I’m sadly away and won’t see you in the garden this time! But have a great one! AND if someone is good at taking pictures in the dark PLEASE PLEASE take some corkers and send them on to me!

Lucy Mitchell
Community Project Worker
07506 905 394


Harvest Fair! Summer!… and a mircale!

September 10, 2018

Hi everyone

The school term has started, the leaves are beginning to turn and fall, and the skies are full of autumn drama…. it must mean… THE HARVEST FAIR IS ON IT’S WAY!

SATURDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 1PM-4PM!! Just £1 – kids free!

If you haven’t been to one of our events before you can expect live music, delicious cake, pizza fresh from the frog, apple bobbing, vegetable monster creation, pond dipping, giant games, a garden wide treasure hunt, a chance to make a clay pot with fab local artict Bex Hill, story telling, drumming and Pete’s going to get the apple press out and we’re going to be pressing apples – so come along and let’s get juicy!

There will also be an indoor quiet space with sensory activities and a sensory trail.  Our garden is wheelchair accessible including the compost toilet.

AND YOU CAN HELP!! YOU are what makes these events so special and these special events help keep the garden going!  Please bake us a cake, or volunteer on the day, or help spread the word on your strret or share our event on Facebook – or just come along on the day and bring everyone you know!

We’ve had a brilliant summer of kids’ activities in the garden. Our adventure days were a blur of dinosaur madness and we’ll be back in October half term for our ever popular Harry Potter themed days on Tuesday 20th and Friday 2nd November.  Booking will open in the next couple of weeks.

Also our family adventure days for families with a child with SEN were just lovely!  Epic salads were harvested and munched with freshly baked pizza! Creation were hammered together! Slime was sat in! We sang, chatted, lounged in hammocks, and laughed and as one parent said, their day was “one of the best days of the summer!” – we LOVE running these days and we’ll be back in half term Thursday 2nd Nov!

We’ve still got LOTS of spaces in our 11:30 Golden Buds Toddler group described as”definitely the best thing you can do with a pre-schooler” and “every week without exception has been amazing”!  Get in touch!

And let me leave you with the story of the miracle sunflowers!  Self seeded from last year we’ve watched in amazement as these plucky little lovelies germinated and sprouted in the unyielding stone of the hardstanding path just by our shelter. They’ve been kicked, knocked about, trod on and bashed by chairs by accident. A well meaning splint on their early days wasn’t removed and one of them needed surgery to remove the string cutting into it’s bleeding stem and then it started being eaten by wasps but regardless the miracle sunflowers have grown on and now loom over us cheerfully each week as we drink tea and marvel at them happily

See you in the garden!

Lucy Mitchell


07506 905 394