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Happy Birthday to us!

January 29, 2013

Hello everyone,

One way or another it’s been a hectic January so that fact that it’s our FIRST BIRTHDAY this week nearly passed me by.  That’s right, we first officially opened our gates to volunteers on Feb 1st 2012.
This month’s Saturday open day is THIS SATURDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 10-2 and will be a work day and a celebration meaning (as if we needed an excuse) THERE WILL BE CAKE (and parsnips).
And what are we celebrating?  In the last year…
190 people have come together and volunteered in groups or on our Wednesdays, Mondays or Saturdays
90 children have pond dipped in our glorious new refurbished pond
13 community groups have benefited from the site
In one way or another we’ve had over 975 people through the gate and sharing the joy 
A total of 3483 views on the website 
In the worst gardening year in 30 years (some say) we managed a wonderful and varied harvest
We’ve weeded, barrowed, shivered, laughed, shared, shoveled, harvested and grown together on over 80 gardening sessions. And amazingly -considering the weather- I managed to get badly sunburned twice.
I’ve sat down and thought about favourite moments of the year.  They are usually the times I look round the garden and see everyone busying away on different tasks, working together, sharing skills and learning new things and I really feel that together we have created a fabulous place where everyone is welcome and valued. I also loved the wildy pink, tasty and exotic oca harvest, the building of ‘Bob’ the bean structure, finally getting the polytunnel plastic on, winning the awards and especially the slow coming together of the tetra shack wall (nearly finished!).  
If you’ve a happy memory of the year I’d LOVE to hear it.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the garden in any way, here’s to another fabulous year in which we will be trying out all sorts of exciting new ideas to make the project financially sustainable (I’ll save those for the next email!). 
In the coming weeks we’ll be welcoming the Bishop Rd Afterschool Club, students from King Weston Special School, adults with learning difficulties from Silvacare, the Young Carers, and toddlers from a local nursery, students from the local college, teenagers volunteering for their Duke of Edinburgh Award and lots groups more to come and get involved.  
And in the coming year we’ll be building, planting, watering, harvesting, celebrating, eating, weeding and basking in a golden summer even if it only lasts a fortnight again. 
And everyone is welcome as usual down this Wednesday when we will return to the usual opening time 10-4 and Saturday 10-2- especially if you bring a saw or an eager sawing arm as our timber order should have arrived and these new beds aren’t going to build themselves.
See you in the garden!


This Saturday

January 10, 2013

Hello everyone,

Well it’s tipping down outside and arctic weather is predicted but that doesn’t stop us!  We’ll be in the garden 
this Saturday 12th 10pm-2pm.  
And there’s jobs to suit everyone – especially if you like shifting woodchip!  With the extra funding we’ve been allocated from the lottery not only are we putting in the exciting solar pump but also buying in ground stabilisation – a rubber matting we’ll grow grass through hopefully making our boggy paths accessible to everyone (even people without wellies) all year round. So we’re taking up all the woodchip in between the sleeper beds AND dragging up the terrible membrane underneath and making it all better.  There’s also signs to paint, some beds to move, apple trees who need some love, plans to make and biscuits to eat!
Also we’ll be planting our sweet peas soon so please bring any cardboard toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes you’ve got hanging round and also egg boxes as it’s time to start chitting potatoes.  
Also for your viewing pleasure is a sneak preview of the almost completed tetra-shak wall!  They said it couldn’t be done and it (nearly) has been!! 

See you in the garden,




Hi everyone and happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a lovely couple of weeks and is ready is get back out in the garden and get some work done.  
I’d optimistically predicted we could go back to normal opening times in January but of course it’s still getting dark really early so we’ll be opening on Wednesdays this month 10am-3pm, then back to normal in February.
The next Saturday work day is Saturday 12th January 10am-2pm
Job for this month include finishing painting our beautiful sign, finishing the tetra shack wall, and beginning to build the area of new beds which has been designed with skill and creativity by our very own Diane Holness. We’ve got parsnips and leeks to eat and plans to make ready for the coming growing season.    
And, excitingly, just around the corner is a raised bed making workshop (more details will follow) and the Horfield Organic Community Orchard’s wassail- 

All are welcome to

Wassail Horfield Organic Community Orchard

Saturday 19th January 2013, 2 – 4pm

Toast the trees
Homemade cakes and mulled orchard juice for sale

Make merry with Pigsty Morris

Find out how to join and support a pioneering local food project

To find the Orchard (nearest postcode BS7 8JP) walk down the lane beside 22 Kings Drive (between Bishop Road and Kellaway Avenue), turn left and it’s the first gate on the right.  OR take the lane beside 134 Longmead Avenue until you come to the last gate on the left.


phone: 0117 373 1587

The picture is of us at our solstice celebration – thank you to everyone who came and brought delicious food and sang and feasted on the day of driving wind and cold rains.  It was a lovely way to 2012 in the garden to a close.  A year of rains and floods, delicious veg and beautiful flowers and hard work and countless cups of tea. I’ve got high hopes for 2013 and if it’s a little dryer this year then that would be nice as well.
See you in the garden or at the wassail,

Lucy Mitchell

Community Project Worker
The Golden Hill Community Garden: Horfield’s Accessible Allotment and Edible Forest
07506 905 394