Golden Adventure Days

Our adventure days give kids the chance to ‘live the story’ from Robin Hood to ‘The Animals of Golden Hill’.  They are a unique mix of outside fun, games, storytelling, costume making, activities and pizza cooked in a giant frog.  They are a safe space for kids age 5-12 (12 year olds who want a day off being 12!) to make friends and a wild place to go a little bit bananas.  They get have a work out for their imaginations away from screens and as they create the story around them.  

We believe in child led play, silliness, falling over, and making our own fun.

THIS EASTER we are going to an eggstremely silly adventure full of crafts, dens, pizza from the frog and lots of yolking around!

Come join us for some egg inspired days of immersive story telling, silly games, cooking, crafting, adventure and an EGG HUNT LIKE NO OTHER!!


Tuesday April 9th and 16th


If there is a reason that you can’t make online payment then get in touch with me at



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