Volunteer Days

We welcome everyone and anyone to our Wednesday volunteer days and we especially welcome people with physcial or mental ill heath or disabilities.  We are open every Wednesday 10-4.  You don’t have to come every week and you don’t have to stay all day.  We try to be accessible as possible and there’s always a range of jobs to suit a range of people with a range energy levels.  We have tea breaks at 11 and 3ish and stop for lunch at 1.  Then whoever comes gets to take home some tasty harvest when they leave.

For you first session please come at 12 or 2:30 so you can have  tour and a chat, then you can either stay and get involved or come back another time

Loving the harvest

We work hard to make sure our space if safe and supportive to everyone.  A worker from Freeways working with adults with learning difficulties said the garden was “a place where everyone values everyone and no one judges anyone.”.  If you’ve any questions or concerns about coming along to volunteer then just get in touch on 07506 905 394 or ghcgarden@gmail.com.

kathy and the corn