The Bishopston Bale House

Our lovely strawbale building is nearly finished and also nearly ready to start hiring out for meetings, workshops, sing songs and well behaved get togethers.  Get in touch to find out more!

eco build winter

It couldn’t be much more ‘eco’; built with local straw bales, sitting on old tyres from a nearby garage, clay from our site, floorboards donated by a neighbour, the lime finish was slaked at a local community project, our green roof is growing on recycled carpet, it’s heated by a woodburner burning old pallets and things we find and powered by solar power from the tower of power! 

We began building April 2014 with £8800 given to us by the National Lottery Awards for all scheme and we’re still putting the finishing touches on it.  But we now have a cozy place to stay warm, a dry place to shelter and a beautiful building to marvel at.  Built by Nio and Jules from Red Kite design and by our volunteers – notably Pete and Bob our infrastructure heroes and Maria the expert plasterer.  Thanks everyone!

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