The Bishopston Bale House

Our lovely strawbale building is finished in 2015 with lots of mud, sweat and tears!

eco build winter

It couldn’t be much more ‘eco’; built with local straw bales, sitting on old tyres from a nearby garage, clay from our site, floorboards donated by a neighbour, the lime finish was slaked at a local community project, our green roof is growing on recycled carpet, it’s heated by a woodburner burning old pallets and things we find and powered by solar power from the tower of power!

We began building April 2014 with £8800 given to us by the National Lottery Awards for all scheme and we’re still putting the finishing touches on it.  But we now have a cosy place to stay warm, a dry place to shelter and a beautiful building to marvel at.  Built by Nio and Jules from Red Kite design and by our volunteers – notably Pete and Bob our infrastructure heroes and Maria the expert plasterer.  Thanks everyone!

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