This Saturday

Hello everyone,

Well it’s tipping down outside and arctic weather is predicted but that doesn’t stop us!  We’ll be in the garden 
this Saturday 12th 10pm-2pm.  
And there’s jobs to suit everyone – especially if you like shifting woodchip!  With the extra funding we’ve been allocated from the lottery not only are we putting in the exciting solar pump but also buying in ground stabilisation – a rubber matting we’ll grow grass through hopefully making our boggy paths accessible to everyone (even people without wellies) all year round. So we’re taking up all the woodchip in between the sleeper beds AND dragging up the terrible membrane underneath and making it all better.  There’s also signs to paint, some beds to move, apple trees who need some love, plans to make and biscuits to eat!
Also we’ll be planting our sweet peas soon so please bring any cardboard toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes you’ve got hanging round and also egg boxes as it’s time to start chitting potatoes.  
Also for your viewing pleasure is a sneak preview of the almost completed tetra-shak wall!  They said it couldn’t be done and it (nearly) has been!! 

See you in the garden,