Hi everyone,

Well anyone who experienced the apocalyptic winds at last weekend won’t be too surprised that we were met with scenes of mild devastation in the garden yesterday. Our beautiful sign! the collective effort of so many! Blown down! Snapped clean off! 

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Pete and Co soon had it back up, though slightly lower than before.  A test run by Jacob (pictured 6 foot 7 inches) showed it should still be tall enough (anyone 6 foot 9 and over and will be issued with a hardhat).  And while that was going on other hardy volunteers proved that chopping down brambles can be fun! 

So it’s our birthday this Saturday 1st Feb!  Two years old!  How time flies…  So if you’re free around lunch time please pop down and eat some soup and cake and warm yourself by the bonfire (pending howling gales/torrential rain we’ll light it noonish).  We’ll be 10 until 2.  This is traditionally the midpoint of winter, from here it’s just a short hop to spring!  We’d love to see you and talk about happy gardening days past and tell you all about our exciting plots and plans for the future. (party frocks optional).

Talking of the future we had a great volunteer meeting last week and the notes (thank you Kayja!) are uploaded on the website.  Lots of good chats and it’s great to know that we’ve built such a strong team of committed volunteers who are ready to step up as we enter a world post lottery-funding.

AND if you knew anyone who fancied coming along to our Golden Buds taster days get them to email me ASAP as we’ve only 3 spaces (out of 45!) left.  Very exciting.

See you in the garden