Is it?…could be be?…spring??

Hi everyone,

Well it certainly feels like spring in the garden.  We’ve had two (!) sunny Wednesdays on the trot, the pond is heaving with ‘piggybacking’ frogs, there’s green shoots in the poly tunnel and exciting times ahead.  So come get involved in frog watching, planting, barrowing compost and drinking tea.
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I’m happy to confirm that the Golden Buds toddler group is ace!  Me, the fab volunteers and heaps of parents and their little ones have had two fun, and mostly sunny, taster days and we’ve seen cheerful toddlers toddle home COVERED in mud from head to toe. Job done.  We’ve one more taster day to go before our first term starts on 11th March and we expect to be fully booked. Here’s to more fun with mud and sticks and nets and things!
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Here’s another call out for plant fosterers!  We need your sunny windowsills ASAP! And just think of the joy as the little green shoots poke their way through.  We really need your help and can advise, support and deliver!  So please provide a home for a little brood of chillies, aubergines or tomatoes this spring.
And we’ve some VERY VERY exciting news about our eco build project but I’m keeping it under my hat until next week.
See you in the garden,