Birthday Bonfire! This Saturday 11-2! And pizza!!

dinosaur cake
Hi everyone and happy birthday to us!
3 Glorious years!  Here’s some stats….
Folks who’ve come together and volunteered to help make the garden so fab =447
People who’ve come along for visits/tours/pond dipping trips = 584
Number of school children who’ve fallen in the pond = 4 (arf arf)
Folks attending our 9 community events = 3015
Number of community events without biting winds or rain = only 2!
Average number of volunteers in a garden on a biting cold January Wednesday =20
Number of gorgeous strawbale buildings built = Just 1 but it’s a corker!!
Number of solar powered water pump allotment based water recycling systems in the UK =- 1!  And it’s ours!
Sooooo we’d love it if you came and celebrate with us this Saturday 7th Feb 11-2 , we’d love to see you if you’ve not been able to make it down in a while and we’d love to meet you if you’re coming for the first time.
They’ll be a bonfire, the pizza frog will be fired up and we’ll provide dough and sauce if you bring toppings!  They’ll be some gardening to do or we can suit around chatting and eating cake (any and all cake donations welcomed). We’ll have the stove on in the straw bale build to stay cosy and they’ll be tours for folks who’d like to learn more about the garden.  Everyone welcome!.
See you in the garden!