Harvest fair and garden news

*** We’ve currently have two last minutes spaces in our Tuesday Toddler Group!  –  email Lucy at ghcgarden@gmail.com to book***

Hi everyone

And suddenly it’s September!  Pumpkins are turning orange, the kids’ are back to school and even with today’s sunshine autumn is knocking on the door… so it must be nearly time for our little Harvest Fair!  Come and enjoy delicious food, drumming, folk music, and loads of free kids’ activities including a quieter indoor space!

We are currently short of a choir to sing so if you are in one that you could ask please do! And if you’ve come to our our lovely events before and wondered “How is this so lovely?!?” Well it’s because of our amazing team of fabulous volunteers… and you – yes YOU!- could be one of them!  You’ll get a free cup of tea and piece of delicious cake and a lovely warm feeling from helping make this lovely day even more lovely!  This year we are currently very short of people so if you can spare some time on the day please be a hero and get in touch!  or bake us a cake or share our poster on your facebook page or just come along and enjoy the loveliness and bring along everyone you know!
But before the Harvest Festival and the first kids back for the afterschool club I’ll just take a mo to smile fondly and reminisce about Golden Adventure days and our families days for children with SEND which were just lovely.  The highlights for me had to be munching freshly made plum jam and on freshly made pancakes and hearing from parents how special the days are for them and their kids.  We also ran a day for the Family Centre for Deaf Children and so had loads of new families discovering the garden, making and munching pizza, harvesting plums, making and doing, running, playing and relaxing. Great stuff.
Also we were on the telly! On BBC Gardeners’ World!  Just for a little bit as part of the story of donated veg making it’s way on to kids plates across the city. We were on episode 19 and the link to watch it on iplayer is HERE and the Bristol bit is just a few minutes in.  They came and filmed right after the huge heat wave back in late June so the garden was looking pretty crispy but with clever camera work we look absolutely gorgeous. Keep your eyes peeled for our glorious which definitely deserves celebrity status!  Now after the rains of summer the garden is looking very green and lovely and each week we are ankle deep in harvest!  It’s a great time to get involved and we’re here every Weds 10-4.  New folks are welcome along for a tour and chat at 12 or 2:30 or just come when you can 🙂

See you in the garden!


Lucy Mitchell
Community Project Worker
07506 905 394