Friends of Golden Hill

The garden relies on donation from folks in our local community to keep us going and help us provide open access supportive volunteering for everyone. If you’d like to sign up to our Friends Golden Hill Community Garden scheme and donate £2 a month (or more!) then get in touch!  You’ll get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling, as well as being invited to an exclusive pizza evening on a balmy summers evening  for one of Bishopston’s tastiest pizzas from the clay oven and loads of delicious treats from the garden.   This year our pizza night is Wednesday 22nd July – get in touch!

So a massive thank you to these fabulous folks

Deanna Marbeck

Sue Caporn

Helen Gascoine

Ruth Holland
Ian Baker
Annette Goodall
Tony O’Hare
Dr Katja Fisch
Kerry MacLeod
Joanne Sampson
Sinead Browning
Grace Walsh
Rita Patel
D Radice
Mark Edwards
Pete Clee
Susan Britton
Sarah Newberry
Geraldine Summers
Matteo Murgia
Arthur Hook
Joanna Taylor
Deirdre Browning
E M Mitchell
Diane Holness
Sophie Nioche
Sally Jenkins
Clare Hanson-Kahn 
Oliver Lajevardi
Elinor Edwards
J & R Benson
Tim Mason
Emma Nurton
Sarah Thomson
Richard & Alison Page