Wreath making! 27th November Starting from 10..

Hi everyone
It’s time to get ready for our next event…the ever popular
Wreath Making Saturday 27th November!
We’re taking bookings again so we can limit the number of folks in the garden at any time and you can book your places HERE.

It’s a fun and informal session and you’ll be shown how to weave a hoop out of willow and then decorate it with glorious winter foliage.  We have secateurs and gloves but please bring your own if you have some.  Also we’ll have heaps and heaps of lovely winter foliage but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have a garden with nice berry bits, or evergreen branches, or pretty twiddly ivy, or see any on your way that is available then please bring a bag along so it’ll just make the day more lovely for everyone

Dogs on leads are welcome and so are children, and if under 16s want to make their own wreath then it’s just £7.50 but they need to be booked on.  It should take about an hour and every wreath is unique and gorgeous. The session is a week earlier than normal (because of my bro getting married) but by the end of the workshop you’ll be confident in adding extra bits of greenery if you needed them to keep your wreath looking lovely for weeks.

Last year we made up wreath kits for folks who couldn’t make it to a session – i.e all the willow, foliage, ribbon and bits and bobs you need to make a wreath at home. I’ll do this again for £10 if we’ve got enough willow and there’s enough interest so let me know if that would work better for you.

Thanks to everyone who came to the bonfire! It was a lovely event with a gurt big fire and the Bish Rd fireworks were spectacular and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves AND as I keep getting told THE SAMOSAS WERE DELCIOUS. We can’t take credit for them they are from the  mighty Jeevan’s Sweets down on Stapleton Rd and I strongly recommend a visit!  We had a great team of volunteers on the night ensuring that our first event in 2 years ran smoothly.  We took over £1500 which is fantastic and it’s going  go to with a donation from our dear old friend Hugh to pay for the new timber we need to build our new accessible beds on the old decking area and pay for the all the planks we need to fix all the broken or crumbling veg beds in the garden.
See you in the garden!


Lucy Mitchell
Community Project Worker
07506 905 394

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