Sunshine Times

Isn’t the weather gorgeous!  What better time to come and enjoy the lovely garden, with courgettes bursting out everywhere, lettuce coming out of our ears, chillis turning red as you look at them and everything is growing and growing. This weeks’s harvest included broad beans, garlic, sweetpeas, red cabbage, dill, parsley, beetroot, carrots, baby turnips, chillies, and strawberries. Yum!

On Saturday we had a fabulous day starting the pizza oven build, digging clay from the pond, stamping it into cob and generally getting head to toe filthy.  We were helped through the whole process by the lovely Rachel Baker.  We’ll be finishing up on 20th July so let me know if you want to come and get involved.   The current plan is to sculpt it into a big froggy face with the wide mouth to feed uncooked pizzas into and I guess the frog will spit them back out cooked.  Again yum!  
Inline image 1
I’m also happy to say we’ve recruited our playwork leader for the Golden Summer of Fun activity days.  She’s called Clare and is brimful of experience, imagination and exciting ideas.  Me, her and Nikki are going to be transforming the garden into a place of exploration, art, wild fun, outdoor games and laughter.  Expect stuff like blindfold nature walks, digging clay from the pond for scultpures, building and decorating shelters to eat freshly cooked pizza in!  We’ve started getting children booked on and would LOVE your help promoting it so PLEASE forward the poster on to people with kids age 7-14 and/or print it out and put it up and work if you can.  It’s going to be an amazing experience for everyone involved.  It’s £25 a session including a delicious lunch but only £100 if you book on all five and we have discounts for siblings!  
Another idea in the pipeline is a big community chutney making day, I’d love for us to collect up surplus produce from plotholders and have a day of chopping and cooking and singing and chopping and laughing and chopping and cooking down at the community kitchen in Stokes Croft.  If this sounds as fabulous to you as it does to me and you would like to help make this day happen by taking it on as a project then get in touch as I’ve run out of hours in the week  
And quick reminder it’s our volunteer meeting next Weds 17th at 1:30 – feel free to come along or let me know if there’s anything you think we should be doing/talking about and I’ll pop it on the agenda.  The notes from last one are up on the website.
See you in the garden!