Hi everyone

Thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday out to watch (other people’s) fabulous fireworks!! It was a lovely night full of delicious soup and smiling people and yes it was a bit blowy but we were so lucky with the weather AND we took £252.82!!  Especially thank you to all the people who helped make the night so fab especially those who made the soup, did the the pizzas, provided lights, made music, took pictures, built and tended the fire and served the hot drinks in ‘challenging conditions’.  (AND thank you to everyone for not bringing sparklers, falling into the bonfire, or breaking ankles on the slippy decking…


Out of respect to the local displays we were watching (and not paying for) we didn’t publicly advertise this lovely event but like our page on facebook or drop me a quick email to go on the mailing list if you don’t want to miss out…


Soooo being in the garden in the dark was so much fun we’ve got another evening event in the pipeline.  We’d love to do an evening of Christmas carols, with another bonfire, soup and pizza etc.  But WHEN?  I’d really appreciate people’s opinion on which night of the week you think it should be. How close to Christmas does everyone start to get too busy? and how early in December is too early to want to sing carols?  Also does anyone know of other things going on in the area that we should avoid clashes with.  I was thinking hot spicy apple juice and more cake and more toasting of marshmallows – anyone got any other ideas we things we could do to make the night special??  AND would anyone like to help to organise it???   I know it feels early to think about it but deadlines to get in the local press are already looming.
And in other news Diane and her group did sterling work getting a green roof put on Mr Fruggles the pizza oven, pictures will follow!
See you in the garden!
Lucy Mitchell

Community Project Worker
07506 905 394